Energy MLPs: Looking Beyond the Headlines

February 17, 2017

A conversation with ClearBridge Investments' Chris Eades, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, about:
• The Trump presidency and other factors influencing the MLP space
• Outlook and trends in the energy market
• Benefits of using the CEF structure with MLPs 


Outlook for Small-Caps: Value, Active Management & CEFs

January 13, 2017

A conversation with The Royce Funds' Francis Gannon, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director, about:
• The dramatic rebound in small-cap stocks in 2016
• The outlook and opportunities in 2017
• Active management in a value-lead market
• Why the CEF structure is good for small-caps


Income Investing in the Emerging Markets: Diversifying Beyond Traditional Fixed Income Exposures

December 14, 2016

A conversation with Western Asset's Chia Liang Lian, CFA & Head of Emerging Market Debt, about:
• 2017 emerging markets (EM) fixed income outlook
• Potential impact of the U.S. presidential election and trade agreements
• Trends in the EM
• An active vs. passive investment strategy in the EM


Demystifying the Complexities of Investing in CEFs: Practical Insight Into Timely Financial Concerns

November 21, 2016

Investment Partners Group's Frank Abella, President & CEO and Gregg Abella, AIF®, Co-Principal & Portfolio Manager, discuss:
• The many options available to take advantage of the CEF structure 
• Their selection process and what to keep in mind when analyzing CEFs
• A comparison of CEFs with ETFs and open-end mutual funds


Generating Income: Why Global Bonds?

November 10, 2016

A conversation with Brandywine Global's Gary Herbert, CFA, Portfolio Manager & Head of Global Credit, about:
• Delivering value to investors in a challenging market environment
• Managing currency exposure and outlook
• Why using a CEF to access global bond markets
• Discount trends in global bond CEFs


A Closer Look at Canada – Investment Opportunities North of the Border

October 27, 2016

A conversation with Morgan Meighen & Associates' Jonathan Morgan, Executive Vice President, about:
• Investment opportunities in Canada
• Outlook for the Canadian markets, economy, and currency
• Why using an actively managed CEF vs. a passive strategy in Canada


Opportunities for Finding Income

October 12, 2016

ClearBridge Investments' Peter Vanderlee, CFA, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, highlights:
• Where he sees opportunity for income
• Why investors should care about companies that pay dividends
• What sectors look attractive
• Why using a closed-end fund structure


Quarterly Conference Call

July 27, 2016

December 9, 2015

Jon Diorio, BlackRock
Cara Esser, Morningstar
Anne Kritzmire, Nuveen Investments


Investing in Healthcare and Biotechnology

April 1, 2016

TEKLA Capital Management LLC's Daniel R. Omstead, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses:
• The appeal of the biotechnology sector
• Opportunities in pre-public venture companies
• The Affordable Care Act and other factors influencing healthcare investing
• Why TEKLA is using a closed-end fund structure


Quarterly CEFA Conference Call

March 29, 2016

Quarterly CEFA Conference Call by CEFA